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Lami - Poem

A Lesson in Restoring Pomegranates



Two kinds of pomegranates, she thought
The red
And the deadly one.

I was the first to tell:
After drying, preserve with a coat of white glue
But her process was much longer
Short waves
Electric waves shot into the fruit
Four minutes
How to empty out with a spoon
More electricity
Cooling off,
Spreading glue.

Only later I thought of a red death
From a live grenade.


After seeing Ofra Zimbalista’s exhibit “Kahlil ha-Rimmon” (“Virachola Livia”), 1992
Translated from Hebrew by the author
[Translator’s note:  The Hebrew word “rimmon” means both pomegranate and hand grenade]

Lami’s series of poems written in response to Zimbalista’s group sculpture Walking at the Open Museum, Tefen were included in her collection Ad gmar ha-hatima (Until the final seal) published by Sifriat Poalim.

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